Delivery & Shipping

You would have done in the borders of Turkey in the shipping fee is 7.5 per shopping, shopping is paid at the door in the door received 7.5 per charge.

Your product will be delivered to Cargo within 24 hours (48 hours during campaign periods) after the order is placed. As soon as your product is shipped, your cargo tracking number is sent to you as an SMS. If you click the "Cargo Tracking" button on our homepage and enter your cargo tracking number to track where your cargo is, you can find out which branch, which day and time your cargo will arrive, as well as the branch phone-address information.

When the MNG or PTT Cargo branch you are affiliated with brings your package to you, it leaves a note on the door if we cannot find you at your address. In this case, you have to receive your package within "3 days" from the cargo branch in the note. If you cannot receive it within three days, your package will be returned to www.tesetturdunyasi.com.tr.

We are sending cargo to be the address of where you are in Turkey.

If you order within the borders of Turkey will be on hand at the latest within 5 working days. Since this timing may vary depending on the transportation of your settlement and logistics company to that region, www.tesetturdunyasi.com.tr undertakes to send it within 10 days at the latest.
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